Our family business Thohr (Thomas & Wöhr) has been processing genuine horn into items for four generations. Our company, that founded in 1918 and is now based in Southern Germany, is one of the few in the world who master this rare craft to perfection. The horn, which is a byproduct of domesticated cattle, is entirely processed in Germany. Starting with the difficult horn plate generation up to the highly polished spectacle frame.

Thohr genuine horn frames impress with the beautiful natural material and the precise craftsmanship. A fine leather case, which is also handmade in Germany, is included. The temples and the front of the frame are curved to fit the shape of the head. Together with the firmly installed horn nose pads they assure a perfect fit and a very high wearing comfort. The fine spectacle frames are unusually light in weight yet flexible and durable. Another special feature is the non-allergenic nature of horn.

Subtle Asian water buffalo horn and rich African cow horn is used, in order to offer a remarkable variety of grains and colors. Each horn frame is truly unique. 

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