Thohr Horn Picks – Handmade in Germany

Thohr Horn Picks are Handmade by us, from the Horn of African Cattle, in Germany.

In order to create the optimal structure, sound quality and grain, the picks are are obtained from well dehumidified, aged horn plates. We belong to the few in the world who master the rare art of horn plate production, through thermal influences on the raw horn, in perfection.

The famous tortoise (turtle shell) picks, once sought after and now banned for biodiversity reasons, were made in the same way as  Thohr Horn Picks. Also due to the almost identical structure of horn and tortoiseshell (consisting mainly of keratin), Thohr Horn Picks have the same high quality as the legendary picks of tortoiseshell.

Each Thohr Horn Pick is sanded by hand to a consistently equal, selectable, thickness with rounded edges and then polished to a high gloss. Despite the shiny surface, a Thohr Horn Pick, due to the organic composition and the fine processing, adheres extremely well between the fingers. Thohr Horn Picks are ready to play immediately upon receipt.

It should be noted that Horn is characterized by magnificent, individual grains, wich make each Thohr Horn Pick to an impressive unique work of art.


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