Information regarding our Horn Combs

Horn combs are balm for head and hair. They maintain all natural, without chemicals, by absorbing excess fat of the scalp and giving this to the dry hair, especially to the hair ends. Whether one tends more to dry or oily hair, the horn comb equalizes, if used daily, the natural fat content and creates a healthy, glamorous hair. In addition, the horn comb prevents, by its antistatic feature, the hair from being electrostatically charged by combing. Horn combs are both gentle on the scalp and to the hair.

With longer hair, you can start with detangling by using a wide tooth comb, and then going on by using a fine tooth comb. If additional combing steps are necessary, on the way to perfectly combed hair, depends on the individual hair texture.

Thohr combs are manufactured by us, in loving and difficult handwork, in Germany. We are the last horn comb makers of Germany and are among the last few in Europe. The required horn plates are also made by us previously. It requires a tremendous amount of expertise to produce a high-quality horn comb. Which, thanks to this professionalism, is very stable and has an extremely long service life. Because of the rounded teeth, and the base cut inbetween the teeth, our horn combs are both gentle for the scalp as well as for the hair.

It is fine to comb wet hair with a horn comb, also it can occasionally be cleaned with water and, for example, shampoo. However, do not allow the comb to lie in the water for an extended period of time. It would be best if you dry it after it has become wet. You can maintain and protect your horn comb by oiling it, from time to time with, for example, burdock root hair oil.

Due to long-lasting, strong moisture on the one hand, and to dry air on the other hand, a horn comb can become crooked. However, this does not diminish the quality, and after a moisture balance it can turn back to its original form. Due to drying out by excessive heat, direct sunlight, heating air, chimney air, etc., it can fissure. Be aware that it is a natural product which has a composition similar to that of hair. Think about the function of a hair hygrometer, which can measure the humidity, as the hair expands with moisture and contracts again when dry. Thus the length difference can give information about the humidity.


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