We are your source for precious and exclusive artworks made of horn

Hornverarbeitung Thohr
The THOmas & wöHR Family 

For four generations, we process horn into utensils, accessories, jewelry, and care items. Our specialty is the very high quality standard, which is preserved through careful and precise craftsmanship. Thanks to the acurate, intra-familial transmission of complex knowledge, of the processing of horn, we are among the few who have mastered this rare craft to perfection. In addition, our expertise is characterized by the fact that we, in spite of the tradition, are continuing studies, by refining manufacturing processes and creating advanced technology for the development of new products.


Horn Frames 

Our genuine horn frames impress with the beautiful natural material and the precise craftsmanship. The temples and the front of the frame are curved to fit the shape of the head. Together with the firmly installed horn nose pads they assure a perfect fit and a very high wearing comfort. The fine spectacle frames are unusually light in weight yet flexible and durable. Another special feature is the non-allergenic nature of horn.

Horn Combs

Thohr combs are manufactured by us, in loving and difficult handwork, in Germany. We are the last horn comb makers of Germany and are among the last few in Europe. The required horn plates are also made by us previously. It requires a tremendous amount of expertise to produce a high-quality horn comb. Which, thanks to this professionalism, is very stable and has an extremely long service life. Because of the rounded teeth, and the base cut inbetween the teeth, our horn combs are both gentle for the scalp as well as for the hair.

Horn Picks

The famous tortoise (turtle shell) picks, once sought after and now banned for biodiversity reasons, were made in the same way as Thohr Horn Picks. Also due to the almost identical structure of horn and tortoiseshell (consisting mainly of keratin), Thohr Horn Picks have the same high quality as the legendary picks of tortoiseshell.